About us

Let’s introduce you to the reasons behind our human adventure.

Our choices, our values, and processes, our moral compass for more than 15 years.

Everything we do is made by hand in our own workshop  or sometimes in small workshops chosen personally for the principles we have in common. 

We work with men and women who mastered tools and not machines. 

The relationship we entertain with them is one of trust and respect.

Fabrics, leathers and all the raw materials we use are locally selected with a particular attention paid to the way they are produced. 

Our ambition is to grow with serenity while maintaining harmony and the philosophy at the core of our brand. 

That philosophy is today commonly described or marketed … as conscious or slow fashion. When we started, we were simply driven by Love, proudly bridging local artisans to our friends and customers, fiercely defending Small over Big, Respect over Profit, humbly aligning our way of doing to our values. Simply said, we were and still are driven by the idea of doing good.

It is also very important to us that you as an active element of our little world, you understand our spirit while joining this adventure. A Human adventure…

Sincerely yours,
Bakker accessories team